Are you interested in learning more about the Catholic Church and what we believe?
R.C.I.A. (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) is the process by which non-Catholic adults learn about the Catholic Church and gradually become full members. RCIA is a modern-day approach to our ancient and lively faith. We welcome anyone who is interested in learning about the Catholic Church.

Participants in past RCIA classes have come from many different backgrounds, yet all have a common interest in learning about the Catholic Faith. All classes will be held Sunday mornings beginning in October 2021 and culminating at the Easter Vigil in the Spring.

RCIA will lead you through a number of topics and beliefs held by the Church including:
• God’s Existence
• Original Sin
• Sacred Tradition
• Saints and the Blessed Virgin Mary
• Dignity of the Human Person
• Salvation and Redemption
• All 7 Sacraments

RCIA is for adults who:
• have never celebrated Baptism.
• have celebrated Baptism in another faith and are interested in the Catholic Church.
• are baptized Catholics who have not yet received Eucharist or Confirmation.
• are married to a Catholic and attend Mass, but just don’t know what the next step is to become one of the Catholic faithful.

Learn more:
For more information on St. Gabriel of the Sorrowful Mother Parish and our RCIA program, or if you are interested in helping in some way, please contact Bennett Schurr by either email relbs@kennett.net or by calling the office at 610-268-0296